Strange problem with camera components - pictures are duplicated

I have a strange problem with components responsible for communication with the camera. The photos are saved in two copies - one in the standard DCIM / Camera location and the other in ADB (or defined location at API <30). Sometimes it is .png, sometimes .jpg and in DCIM - always jpg. It’s a bit confusing. Am I doing something wrong? Is that another bug?
The problem recurs with either the Camera component from Kodular or the Small Camera component from Juan Antonio.

Usually the taken picture should be stored only in ASD… however since a few months the camera component is not working anymore… did you build your project before that?

Probably it is a device specific issue? Which device are you using for your tests? Android version? Did you try another device?


Thank you for your response.
I know about error 201 and am waiting for repair. Although it only applies to Android devices above 10 (? API> 30), it is currently 100% new devices. It’s frustrating why it takes so long.

However, the problem with duplicate files appears everywhere - tested on devices with Android from version 7 to 12 (about 5-6 models of one manufacturer with theoretically pure android). You may be right that it depends on the hardware - I’ll try with some other phone. I have some older Samsungs in a drawer.
Project started at the beginning of July…


For now, it looks like it is actually a problem with a specific manufacturer. Weird.