Strange Runtime Error!

I exported my app but it’s showing Runtime error. Please help me to understand it. I encountered this problem just now but my app is working perfectly in Companion

Components i’m using

If you need additional info please let me know

Please show some blocks.

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There are thousands of blocks. I don’t know which one ia creating error

Have you on the lower left of your blocks editor any errors or warnings?

If you don’t show anything we can not help you. You should understand that.

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What you want to see?

Can you post bocks related Side Menu Layout ?

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do you have any bitmap asset??
that what written in error…
you may be using it somewhere at wrong place


Can you send the blocks which you use to set image to a component.




But I’m not getting error in companion.!:kissing:

My sidebar after error​:disappointed:

these are not blocks…???

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Maybe you are trying to use something wich returns to null. Like an empty image.


I bet you have mistyped one of your image asset names. You will need to go through them and make sure you don’t have any typos.

To prevent that in future, setup variable names for your assets, so you only have to type them once.


You do realize that your application is going to crash for most people after three or four button clicks, because you are not closing screens properly.


That also happens with me.See here:-

It works fine in companion but after compiling it there are several error in different android versions.

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Take look on my assets. I have uploaded .ttf file also

Can you provide the aia file so that any one can help.

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App is on play store with 9k+ downloads so I don’t think it would be great for me​:confused:

Then check carefully those blocs where you set image.