Strange things with webview

Hello. I created an application and noticed a strange bug. Selecting and attaching files works fine (both without access to memory, and with it), but if you don’t select anything and just click back and exit in the file explorer, the application crashes. With the included location, the file selection does not work at all, although in this case both permissions are immediately turned on. How to fix that?

You should really show your blocks.
Else nobody can help

I used only Webview blockIMG_20191130_000324_730

You don’t use any block??

For this app, i need only normal working webview block. However, the selection of files here is very strange, it does not require memory access to work on Android 8.1, crashes if the file is not selected and doesn’t work with location access.

@pavi2410 Can you check If there is a bug in our source code ?

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that problem is already posted as bug and i think they have fixed for next release,

And about which bug are you talking?

i have seen some posts that when user select upload file for web and didnt select any file then app crash, if select any file then works fine but if he didnt select like he cancel or go back, app crash

I think that the problem of the application crash is due to the fact that the Back button does not work in principle. If you simply click back in a webview on any page, the application simply closes. However, in theory, when you click back, the previous page of the site should open. And in the case of the choice of files, if you do not select anything and exit the file chooser, there should not be any crashes. And moreover, files can be attached without any access to files, the application simply does not request it.