Streaming it cuts at rest

hello people, my english is not very good. I need help, I created an app to listen to my school’s stremend, the problem is when the phone goes to sleep the streaming is disconnected. Can I keep it playing? If someone looks at a tip I will appreciate

Hi @gabriel5,
Maybe this extension helps you:

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Thanks for responding, but in Argentina the state schools do not have funds for these things. “The state does not see it as necessary”, so we do not have 25 dollars for the purchase. Thanks for replying quickly. I’ll see what else can be done out there

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Did you try to bring together several people? Did you explain the importance of your project to try to get help?:thumbsup:

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Use a clock and a label. Every 5 seconds the clock fires and updates the label with, say, “abc”. This way the screen stays on and you can listen as long as you like.

I already tried but it did not work, thank you, I will try again, thank you for your answer

you might want to keep the screen on


Thank you very much I am trying that, I am going to the economic thing, thank you very much

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