String to Double in kodular

I’m trying to convert a String to Double in kodular without success, does anyone know a shape or extension

You need a string to a number?

Can you elaborate?

If you are looking in extension, then visit here and gain knowledge in it

Consegui resolver, Obrigado !

Please reveal your solution to help others with the same problem in future



imho we do not need an extension for this…
if a string is in the correct format you should be able to use it as integer or double without need to convert it

also @christian_cesar_quil if you like to present a new extension, then please start a new thread and add a short documentation of the methods, properties and events of the extension… after that you could add a link here to your new extension thread…


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I know that an extension is not required… I just wanted to give a quick alternative, just that.
Also I do not want to promote or publish any extension, since this extension mentioned above was only “help” nothing more.
I appreciate the suggestion… but I have noticed that many things criticize even being helpful for others, although it can be solved with blocks, it can also be done by extension.
The idea is only to give an alternative to your problem.
I have read many publications and in several I see the same thing… only criticism…

it is great that you are suggestion a solution… but as you said yourself, an extension is not required…

and for new extensions, these should be published in the extensions category and not hidden in a random thread… how can anyone find that extension later again? and why do we have categories? you are open to feedback, aren’t you?


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