String tool Extension

This extension uses to edit text.

Charat - gives the character in the given position

LastIndexof - give last position of given word in a string

Index of - give first position of given word in a string

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com.appybuilder.lionpswn.String_tools.aix (6.1 KB)

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Congrats for extension :wave:

but at the same time, as per our community guidelines, no one should share personal info. So Pls edit it.

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please u can add word click event block

please make that type of extension. So that if we click on any word of a label, we can get that word. Or get word start and end position.

You already posted this here. Please be patient and don’t repost your request in other topics.

thank you for your contribution
however it seems to be, you are not aware of the naming conventions…

please follow the naming conventions, edit your extension and republish it
thank you