Stunning Graphic in apps

Hi, Peace be with you all, Koders.
I want to know, if kodular able to run stunning graphic using unity, like games. For example, like Hundred Souls game.

If, yes, how to accomplish this. Please guide.
Thank you…

Hi @Nabalu19
You can make 3d objects with this extension:

BTW I haven’t tried it yet.

The answer is no.

At best you might be able to make a Mario-like game but even that might be a stretch.

Tq For fast reply, solute.:grin:

My dream in kodular platform:
I want to build AI that more advance than replica.
Running 3D, able to touch the character, and much more… .

This is my first dream with kodular
Please help me/join me to make this happen​:wink:


I think its possible, but cellphones are not the best for 3D because of the low performance and batery drain.

This depends on if the rendering process you use is heavy on the CPU/GPU. Games like Dead by Daylight don’t use much battery, games like Fortnite do. You also have to consider the fact that games also constantly ping their servers to check where players are and to update locations which will cause battery drain especially like in Fortnite where there are a lot of players. It is always a good choice to let the user choose the resolution at which your assets are played at, otherwise yes, battery drain will become an issue.

My OnePlus 8 can go, at most, nearly an hour or two playing Fortnite (with Bluetooth on). I haven’t tested Dead by Daylight, but I did just play a round and it also didn’t take long to go from 30% to ~22% including almost 5 GB of updates at the beginning.


Humans still didn’t build a AI.
What we are using are focused on particular field and can’t learn efficiently.