Stylish Front and Symbols

Can anyone tell me ‘if i use this symbols and front in my Project then anyone claim and copyright for take down my app from Playstore?’

Thanks in advance :+1::heart:

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If they are royalty free and do not require attribution then you’ll be fine.

If they are royalty free and require attribution then provide the correct attribution.

If they are copyright and you have no permission to use them then there might be trouble.

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But many app in play store they are using this front and symbols

It’s up to you to find out if you are able to use the symbols and fonts without infringing copyright. If you can, then go for it.

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Yes but i was see all over website using this front aslo!

They are Unicode characters and they aren’t owned by the site owners either. They are symbols like " ™ ©" and other language’s alphabets. For example, “웃” ( used as stickman ) is from Korean. As far as I know, you can use them like how you’d use latin alphabets ( ABCs ).

You mean i can use this front and symbols without any copyright problems?

Yea, as I’ve mentioned earlier, they can be used anywhere just like other characters.

Many many thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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