Subscried to premium but not activated

I have subscribed to premium but it has not been activated.

Please advice



There are lots of topics about this already, there is no need to spam the forum. Just use the search facility.

I dont have any other option.
There seems to be no proper solution for this issue.

You are requested to be a little patient that the kodular team is manually activating the accounts, then your number will also come.

Yeap, that is what I thought. They are doing this manually which is very odd. Having so many ways to automate using webhook etc.
But, I am not judging, they may have their reasons for not doing that.

My 2 cents to the support team, Please let the users know in advance (You can always send a email invite! ) that it will take ‘x’ hours to activate the Premium account. This way users are aware of the delay and would try to login after the said time.

Remember, we are all (mostly) developers, our nature of work makes us impatient :rofl:


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