Subscription api?

hello guys , im new here…

can i install subcription api on kodular(a api which i can charge monthly fee from subcriber through thier mobile no.)

if can? then i m very thankfull if you can tell me how to?i have very basic knowlage on this…

link to the api site---->

Apis usually give you a url structure so that when you access it, you get a result that is usually in Json.

You would have to use the web component, which is on connectivity.

According to the documentation you get a Json of this style:

  "applicationId": "APP_001807",
  "password": "cf2b9e361c13bc54b86d3c8180b0fd242",
  "version": "1.0",
  "action": "1",
  "subscriberId": "tel:94771234567"

So you can use a few blocks like this to get the data:

That’s basically how it works. You can adapt it to whatever you need

thank you very much for your time… i ill test this block

thank you very much again

I understand this now. I accidentally opened this topic and I learned some thing useful. Before this, I don’t how to use APIs in Kodular and I’ve seen many posts and topics. You cleared it with 2 lines and 1 image. Thanks @pepocero


And…Now I have a doubt…Can I get value from a .json file.

There is plenty Content to this… just search the com.

How to use API youtube subcribtion insert? And how to get access token?

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