Suggest a name for this effect

Have you tested apk?

its decided…
its parallax effect

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Apk is working perfectly and Parallax effect name rocks !! :slight_smile:

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Wow :heart_eyes: i love these effects. Can you tell what components you have used? Thank you so much :wink:


scroll spy
This name is from one ui library i used.

Vertical scroll arrangements…

That’s good name but parallax effect will be more effective as it clearify topic

Thnx you so much for testing it…

So finally I’ll upload tutorial tomorrow…
I think it’s not of my use but it will be useful for many…:heart::heart:


yes please and sorry i didn’t read it before

Congratulations on the work. But, this effect has no relation to the parallax effect.

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then what it is?

You are the creator of the effect … :smiley: :+1:

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As topic says
suggest a name

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Ok … when I have an appropriate name I will post …

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I recently made a similar one, SilverAppBar


@Franklin_Lopez nice looks cool :heart_eyes:

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Everyone just so good at UI and animation. I am noob.

HI @Franklin_Lopez,
i think you are also using same logic

just try and try
make lots of combination of block and logic to achieve desired goal
and you will be pro soon…

PM me i’ll show you a animation that took 473 blocks to make it

tutorial is released

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