Suggestion: Allow app to be installed on sd card instead

Sorry if there is already some way to do this on makeroid but I didn’t find a way so here I am.

Well, I guess one of the main causes for the user uninstall an app that he like is the need of space to install another app more important.
I use to uninstall some apps when Facebook or whatsapp update and need more space for example.

If I am right the only thing necessary to allow the user be able to install the app on sdcard is add one single line on android manifest.xml file.

So I think an extension by the comunity or a new option by makeroid staff would be of great help to avoid uninstalls of apps the user may like but don’t use everyday.

Thank you all in advance!

Makeroid apps should already have the ability to be moved to the SD card - we added this a long time ago. Try it and let us know if it works.

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how to try this

If you have an SD card inserted, you should see an option to move the app to the SD card in the app settings.

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