Suggestion for Kodular plans (with Poll)

I am proposing 4 different Kodular Plans. These are not my unique or original suggestions, instead they are an amalgamation of what already exists and what people have posted.

Plan 1: Free

Either fix all the bugs and keep the plan as it is (so people don’t need to use extensions to make components work),

Or increase extension limit to 15 and over time fix the bugs and then decrease the limit.

Plan 2: Student

All the features of the current premium plan but without monetisation options. (I know this plan is already under consideration.)

Plan 3: Premium with Ad Manager

Exactly the same as the current premium plan

Plan 4: Premium with AdMob components

Similar to the current premium plan but with AdMob components instead of Ad Manager.

Users who want to pay can select either Plan 3 if they want Ad Manager plus other Ad Extensions (except AdMob extensions), or they can select Plan 4 which will have AdMob components (so no need for its extension) plus other Ad components and extensions but no Ad Manager.

Do you agree with the above?

  • Yes
  • No

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kodular premium is ok


But kodular is pushing user to use google ad manager


I will pay 3.50$ every month,No problem… Always FAN sent me msg with sdk releated issue!

please fix it ASAP!