Suggestion for Vertical Scroll Arrangement!

Hii Makers,

here i have a suggestion to add a new block to Vertical Scroll Arrangement.

Usually in a vertical scroll arrangement we show data to user as scroll able

A wanna to suggest to add a blocked named When Vertical Scroll Arrangement. Scrolled fully or Till End yes it will help us to add more add when user successfully scroll to data that is already Displaying.
Hope you all Get it


There is an extension for that which costs $5. Here is the link:

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I think this is a good idea to be implemented in order to automatically keep loading new content when almost reached the side end as apps like Twitter also do. I’d like to see it without add-on too.

Thanks in advance to the Devs.

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these blocks, if made would be helpful…
Set vsa.scroll percentage to x%
vsa.scroll percentage.
vsa. Reached end
[vsa=verticle scroll arrangement]

@OfficialDjJohn It would be awesome if implemented. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: