Sunny Custom Webview

Hello guys, I am creating a browser application, and I use the Custom Webview extension, when I want to open a pop-up window I can’t

Maybe you should try this block

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Well, I have already used this block, but I could not tell you how to use it correctly?

See here an example:

i dont have url, please helpppp

What do you mean with this :point_up: The blocks doesn’t need any urls?

I do not have url in the block look

Use version 7 instead of version 8 or 9, with the latest version you need to use OpenInNewWindow block , however, it just crashes the app :thinking:

Edit: after looking at its source I knew that I was just using it wrongly , I needed to create a new WebView first, before using this block .

Where to download version 7

Sorry I meant can download it from the extension’s topic:

This version 7 ?


I downloaded but I also do not have url in the Onnewwindowrequest block, there is an id

Same with me, just see id not url

Check this:

Still not working, when I click external link on website, the app will stop working

You should share your blocks and the logs.

i send block foto and bugs report from app

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Your blocks and the above blocks are quite different.
Your blocks:

Original blocks:

oh i got it
thanks for help me