Sunny File Tool view audio files

Guys I use with the extension Sunny File Tool, you can do what would be shown in the Listview audio files please help

Would you please read this topic before creating a new topic?

I do not understand how to ask questions, if I myself will answer my own questions why do we then have a community​:smirk:

Well you will have to elaborate query/issues you are facing.
If you are unable to describe/write it in English then use Google Translate so that all of us can help you.Sometimes not understanding each others problems (due to language barrier) stops us from helping.

Hi Sunny, I want to know how to make sure that when loading Screen 1, the audio files that are on the device are displayed, can you show it in blocks?

See these blocks:

For audio files you will have to set MP3 as filter.

Work Thank you​:+1: