Super Activity my first extension

This is my first extension which makes it easy for many new people to develop the most modern ones.
I have the same hope.
com.aashriyatechnology.SuperActivity.aix (7.3 KB)
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There is a typo in the latest function :wink:

Not live
This is the function of general activity. Almost every app is brought to use

First, is that your method are not even caring on title or camel case… Method names are titlecased ViewApp, BluetoothEnable, ExternalWebView, MailSender and arguments are camelcased appPackageName. Also, your extension already does what we can do. To enable bluetooth or to discover devices use either @Sander extension or just use BluetoothAdmin component. ExternalWebView, MailSender and ViewApp are both possible to do already with ActivityStarter. Still, thank you for your first extension, hope you will improve it. Ben.

mr @Ben this extenuation for not expert , i has made it for new people . who come here for app developments.
& phasing more problem with ActivityStarter .
as u can read bold words in 1st post

I don’t see any problem. Just set action to android.intent.action.VIEW and depending on what you want set other stuff + there is a lot of docs online. Search in google “App inventor activity starter tutorial”. But thats not the only problem. 1. You are not caring about title and camel case 2. If there is BluetoothDiscover method to discover devices, where is the event to get a list of discovered devices? 3. There are no bold words in 1st post.
As I said, these are the problems. It’s great, it’s your first extension, but please listen to what I have said.

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