Super Video Player

You can get this in the next update
It’s very much needed, especially with the failed video player

Required features

1-Play Video Online

2-Fixed size

3-Support more formats

4-Full screen support

5-Upload the video while it is playing

6-Community Suggestions

It would be good if they did

But in the meantime I personally recommend the HLS Player extension, those 25 Euros are really worth it

this is paid

Some things in life are not free.


:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: I had already told him…

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Recently @Deep_Host developed EXO player extension. I think it’s best option.

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i want saw it in kodular

I have my account disabled, I do not know why. But, honestly, HLS Player is worth it, it’s really very customizable, my player even looks like the Netflix application :joy:

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Can you please share your apk or app link.

It is not finished and it is only in Spanish

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Can we see its demo or any video of its use