SuperTinyDB Extension [FREE]

Hello Kodular community,
I’m excited to share with you a new extension I’ve created, called SuperTinyDB! :star2:

Extension Description:
SuperTinyDB is an extension for simple and flexible data management in your applications. Built with enhanced functionality compared to TinyDB, SuperTinyDB provides a range of new and improved features.

Key Features:

  1. :rocket: Import/Export Data with JSON: Easily store and recover data using the JSON format.
  2. :arrows_counterclockwise: List Manipulation: Add and remove elements from lists effortlessly.
  3. :card_index_dividers: Get All Data in JSON Format: View all data in JSON format for debugging or investigation purposes.

List Blocks:

How to Use:

  • StoreValue(tag, value): Save a value with a specific tag.
  • GetValue(tag, defaultValue): Retrieve a value with a specific tag.
  • ImportFromJSON(json): Import data from JSON to SuperTinyDB.
  • GetAllDataAsJSON(): Retrieve all data in JSON format.
  • AppendToList(tag, value): Add a value to a list.
  • RemoveFromList(tag, value): Remove a value from a list.
  • GetAllEntries(): Retrieve all entries as a list.

Download the Extension:
com.rasitech.supertinydb.aix (10.5 KB)

Ensure you have installed SuperTinyDB through the Extension Manager in Kodular.

Feel free to try it out and provide your feedback! I greatly appreciate the support and suggestions from the community.


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using a decompiler to find out the source code of one’s extension is highly unethical


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

The developer of the extension didn’t open source it, so why are you making it open source and why are you decompiling the code and giving it to everyone?


@Taifun I hope you should pay attention to this matter

Thank you :people_hugging:


I’m not a moderator but flagged it for moderators to check…
I agree, this behavior is not appropriate…



Thank you @Taifun :people_hugging:


Apologies for the delay in addressing this matter. I’ve issued a warning to the individual involved, emphasizing that continued behavior of this nature may result in the suspension of their account.

Additionally, I’d like to remind all community members to refrain from decompiling closed-source projects. Thank you for your cooperation.


an important element like NameSpace management is missing and this makes it useless to use this extension.