Support for Arduino

Is it possible to add support for arduino? I want to integrate my apps with arduino so I can control my board using an android app.

There is an extension ready actually, can you integrate that to Makeroid?!msg/mitappinventortest/WZCUtKAfwj0/4Na63LmnAQAJ

The extension is from @pavi2410.
So it should be possiple.

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Yes, because as you know: Makeroid, App Inventor etc. is used so much for education purposes. At school or at home.

And Arduino is an essential for this. Like the mindstorms support, we should be able to connect our arduino’s and communicate using our phones.

@pavi2410 is it possible to see it on Makeroid? (your extension)

Possible but the library I used to make that extension is very old, and hence, doesn’t support newer models. Also, it works only with original Arduino, not with clones.

I’ll switch to another library but after finishing previous works.

When do you think it would be completed?

Can you give an estimated time? (for example: next release? the release after the next release? etc.)

Maybe the release after next release

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OK, waiting for it :slight_smile:

Any updates on this?