Support with native sdk

Hi , I am very new to this platform.

Usecase : i am having a android library (.aar) which i want to integrate in my kodular application which is already live on playstore.

So do we have any way to integrate the android (.aar) library into the kodular app ?

That’s not possible even with an extension. Extensions only support jar libraries. The only way .so or .aar libraries can be included is when they are included within the builder (kodular in this case) itselfs.

That’s is not completely true.
You can extract jar from aar and add in your extension.But it will only work if classes don’t use any internal resource.


Yes. You are right but i don’t wanted to confuse him. You can use some parts of a aar but not the full functionality of the library. So it may be useless unless you know exactly what is usable. But for specially his question and him as a newbie is my answer helpful.

Thanks guys… amazing and quick. Amazed to be a part of such community :slight_smile: