Supporter badge

Does buying Kodular merch get me the Supporter badge?


Any updates on this topic?

I think no.


You will have to donate at least 5 euros to get Supporter Badge.

Well, I don’t know spreadshirt commision, so I don’t know how much Kodular has earned from my purchase. It would be nice if a Kodular Staff could confirm.

I don’t know whether Kodular takes purchase as donation or not.
But purchase and donation are quite differenet.
In purchase you get something in return while In donation you only get happiness/satisfaction in return.
So if you are willing to get Supporter badge then make a donation of 5 euros else you can proceed with your purchase.


I’ve granted you the badge. Thanks for supporting Kodular!


Thanks, cheers!


I understand that these parcels are so delayed because of the COVID-19, but the status has not moved for 14 days.

I saw this:

And, afaik, 14 days > 6 business days, so I emailed Spreadshirt asking for an investigation. In the first email the operator completely changed the subject :roll_eyes:, then I followed up and sent the exact same email again (I would like to request an investigation) . They said I needed to wait until the 26th May 2020.

I will keep you updated.

Do not worry Kodular, it’s not your fault.

Yeah, simple maths. Lmao :rofl: :joy:

By the way, it was supposed to arrive in 3 working days :roll_eyes:
They ripped me off, I paid 10€ for shipping (I think)…

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