Suspension expire?

My app was suspended on Google playstore , so I want to know is there any suspension expiry period like YouTube strikes?
Or it’ll stay longer and how to we can check play counsel strikes ?

When Google play suspended an app, it will be forever and if you receive too suspended apps, your account will be closed.

PS: I don’t think that Kodular community is the place to ask these kind of questions, there’s other forums Google play community.


Thanks for answering :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I know it’s related to Google play but I asked there no one replied so I thought batter to ask here

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if your app is removed image or rejected image , then you can upload new version with removed violations,
but if suspended then you cant do anything and that dosnt expire or removable strike, and if you get 3 violation against your account the your account will be suspended.


Yes bro I know that but I’m asking if any expiry period available on that or only 3 suspension and our I’d will be suspended

Like in youtube 1 strike expire in 3 month

But anyway thanks for replying

No there is no expiry, its permanent


Thanks for helping me

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Why was it suspended?

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First my app was rejected
Google said upload new version.
But I’m new in app store so I didn’t know about it and I didn’t Update it that why suspended after 15 days



Yesterday my app FSRandoms was rejected, too due to violating the guidelines of the Designed for Families project. Unfortunately, they are not telling you what the reason is. Presumably they have seen the dice in the screenshots and now think there are gambling elements in them. Well …

So I gave up the Designed for families and the app is now online.

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If the app is rejected or removed, Google play store will never suspended your app.
Google play suspended your when the app is online, not rejected or removed, because when app the is rejected or removed the app it’s not online.

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I already answered that please check

I think he’s asking why it was originally rejected.

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No no I was asking about suspension period
But I got my answer now

My simple Traffic Light App was rejected due to a policy violation.
Issue: Violation of deceptive Behavior policy

“We don’t allow apps that attempt to deceive users or enable dishonest behavior. Apps must provide accurate disclosure of their functionality and should perform as reasonably expected by the user”

This is weird. A simple Traffic Light Simulator without ads, without data collection, without in-app-purchases and any. The Traffic Light acts like expected. From red light to red-yellow, then green and back to red via yellow. You ca set up duration of red and green phase, disable it, set up speed maximum for the yellow light duration and set up the background image.

Here is it. If anyone sees a policy violation, let me know. I sent a complain to Google Support Team.
FSAmpel.apk (6.1 MB)

Note: Text is in german only right now. In Google Play, the app will only be available in Germany, Austria und Switzerland so far till I translated everything. You do not need the text for the simple usage of the app. Just start and see the traffic light act.

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