Switch Alignment orientation on screen orientation changed

Hi Koders,
i have a simple vertical arrangement with 2 object (image or webviewer or others…), my screen orientation its Portrait.
When i switch Screen orientation (landscape) my arrangement still show 2 object in vertical.

Is it possible to change the arrangement (vertical - Horizontal) based on the screen orientation?

You can not change it programmatically
You may have to use separate arrangements for both cases

Just change screen orientation to full sensor or sensor

I try to explain better with an image.
OK desired
KO what happens

Would you like to share aia or apk?

Did you read this?
Vertical for portrait
Horizontal for landscape

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yes i read but using 2 web viewer i cant do this (or it’s me who can’t do it!)
Prova.aia (28.2 KB)

hi @Pexigno
i have found a alternative for your problem.
but it will be done manually.
that is when user click any button or option(suppose name of that option is switch to landscape mode) then i’ll help you to get following result for horizontal and vertical:

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No it can be done with single vertical arrangement

Hi @nikzdreamer200,
i tried this:
but with this solution i need to use 4 different Web viewer (2 for portrait setup and 2 for landscape setup).

Its possible to use same Webviewer for both configuration (Landscape and Portrait)?

Prova.aia (29.3 KB)

No you only need 2 web viewer and when landscape clicked then it will no reload data.

I think this is that what you want.
If yes then tell them I’ll proceed to share aia.

Yes it’s perfect! Think you very much!

its thanks :joy: :joy: :joy:

Wait sending aia.

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Italian smartphone keyboard sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Prova (1).aia (29.7 KB)

by the what i have done is.
i have just used animation utils and rotated arrangement by 90deg on click.
if this is solution mark this post as solution.

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