Switch clicked vs checked


is there a way to use “Switch” with only “clicked” function instead of “checked” ?

the issue is that i have something like this in screen.Initialize


and im using the notifier when switch is clicked, but if the screen.initialize is loaded, i need to load the saved state from TinyDB but without the notifier…
For example in Thunkable this was working very well - if the switch was clicked the notifier shows up, but if the switch was checked but not clicked the notifier was not activated…

so my question is whether it is possible to somehow deal with this. (if the switch is clicked notifier is active, but if the switch is checked the notifier stay inactive)

thanks a lot

Here Is block To Check Clicked Or Not :point_down:t2:


And Set Notifier On Click According To Your Rule And It’s Trigger Only When User Click

And Set This True Or False According To You Need When Screen Initialize :point_down:t2:



hello and thanks for response,

this is what i have in screen.inicialize :

but the problem is when the default value of switch is “false” and the stored value in TinyDB is true, so the switch will change the state to “true” and the notifier pops up without clicking on the switch

the switch looks something like this :