Switch one signal to api.onesignal.com

Hi all team,
one signal is blocked from my country “Egypt”
when i open https://onesignal.com/ it does not open
but https://app.onesignal.com/ is working great
unless using VPN all works fine
After searching i found this

is it possible to do this or not ?!

any help ??!!

That’s just going to get kodular in more trouble since they are trying to bypass the block. There needs to be a reason for why Onesignal is blocked in Egypt.

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Case closed.

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Therefore please do not attempt to bypass this restriction as

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I apologize I did not read through the article thoroughly before I posted it… I’m quoting a GitHub Issue from Oct 2019,

OneSignal is being blocked by Egypt. We are looking into how best to communicate with Egypt on how best to resolve this issue. If you want to reach out to your ISP and let them know they should unblock OneSignal, that would be helpful.

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I only read the first few paragraphs as well.

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the problem with OneSignal
i searched on it and i find this solution but i do not know how to apply it ,or it needs the builder to do it

You are not using an API. If you’d like to add it, please move to Android Studio although I do not endorse it.

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I noticed the same problem a while ago and did not reach any solution. I hope not to suggest solutions