Switching between screens

Hi! I’m experimenting with migrating from Thunkable to Kodular and I came across a problem. It seems the block “when Screen1 Other Screen Closed” doesn’t work. Every time when from screen2 I open screen1 it starts with “when screen1 initialize”. Is it possible to run “when screen1 initialize” only once and then use “when Screen1 Other Screen Closed”? In Thunkable or Appinventor there was no such problem.
Regards, Marek.

If you show us your blocks, maybe someone can help then


Hi @sthmark welcome to the community.
I think this will only work only if you close another screen and return to this screen.I am sure about this and I am going to do experiments :grin:
Can anyone correct me if I am wrong?:sweat_smile:

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Its correct…

As apk yes, one exception with companion and I think this applies to kodular as well

Current limitations of the AI Companion app:

  1. The close screen block triggers the Initialize event instead of the OtherScreenClosed event.
  2. The close screen with value block triggers both the Initialize and OtherScreenClosed events instead of only the OtherScreenClosed event.
  3. The close application block does not work, a message ‘Closing forms is not currently supported during development’ will be displayed instead.



Boban, that’s my problem exactly! I just built an apk of App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Manager Screen | Pura Vida Apps and it still shows limitation 1 : The close screen block triggers the Initialize event instead of the OtherScreenClosed event.
I checked on different phones and the result is the same. Any idea how to make it work? I could work aroud this issue using “close screen with value” but it would be very time consuming to adapt my project

Can you share an aia that reproduces this


Try this apk SwitchingBetweenScreens.apk (4.1 MB)

and here you have aia as well SwitchingBetweenScreens.aia (5.1 KB)


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manager.aia (10.2 KB)

Here you go. It’s exactly the same as in Pura Vida Apps. the OtherScreenClosed event doesn’t trigger.

Thank you Boban for a quick response. Now I see what the problem is - when you come back from another screen both the Initialize and OtherScreenClosed events are triggered. In other words - limitation 2. But it is still better than Thunkable reducing max block number per screen after some updates. I’d have to delete 1k blocks just to build my apk there. Fingers crossed after some minor adjustments, like switching screens, I can safely develop my app here.