Switching from AdMob to Google Ads Manager - Confusion

Hello Dear Community!

I have invitation link to Join Our Kodular’s New Monetization Plan.

My Question is :
If i am using Kodular with account ([email protected]) & using AdMob As units from account ([email protected]).
So if i will Sign-Up with Google Ad Manager with account ([email protected]) with same device & connection, my Existing Admob will be Banned?

Note: Admob & Ad Manager both are Google’s products using for Publish Ads. There is mentioned some description while signing up process. I suddenly stop sign-up process. I am afraid to loose my account as 98$ has been completed in my AdMob account.
Please see the picture below.

Please any Expert can answer carefully or who faced the the issue before?

Your AdMob account has nothing to do with your Ad Manager account. Your other account will not be banned.


thank you so much dear Kodular staff. :pray:

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