Switching from AppInventor to Kodular

Hello there

I made my application with App Inventor. However, I want to move the application to the code due to reasons such as not being able to add admob or send notifications.

But there is something I’m not sure about.
For example, it was the 1st version of the application that I made with AppInventor and published on google play. Will I be able to publish the application as an update when I migrate the code?

Will I get any errors?

Since I don’t know this, I can’t migrate to the code right now, can you please inform me about this?

You would have to import your existing Keystore into Kodular.

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  1. Make sure you back up the Kodular keystore first, then :arrow_down:
  1. On Screen1 properties, add your App Inventor package name.


0,05% chance that something may go wrong due to naming of the components however, it’s fixable.


I moved from AI2 to Kodular with some of my apps. There are two necessary conditions:

  1. You have to use the same keystore with Kodular as with AI2.
  2. The packageName must be identical to that of AI2 (ie with the app that is listed in the Play Store).

In addition, there are further changes that may be necessary, which I cannot list all here, but which can arise - depending on the components and extensions used (the latter relating to the Support lib / AndroidX libs).


Thank you very much for your support. I just have one more question. Where do I need to install the keystore I got from AI to transfer it to Kodular. I couldn’t see an option to import to keystore.

See here