Switching screens help needed

Hey everyone, there is been an error with switching screens. I have used the relevant method provided but still it do anything else. When I click on cardview instead of opening gamee(screen name) it opens home screen.
Images - -

*Other blocks - - *

Video - -

And one more thing some time it works fine but sometimes not.

So it might be a error in your blocks

Share the blocks or AIA !!

I have added other blocks also in first post.
But everything else is working fine.

I think this is a Earning App or i can say kind of Earning App.

And Earning Apps are Strictly not allowed by Kodular.

I asked for help, not for review to my app.
And until or unless app is private, no policies work on it.

@Sherpuraala you are not supposed to talk like this to other user. How can you expect help from them.
I am not demotivating or criticising you but seeing your behaviour no one will help you.


#off-topic R$ is the symbol of the Brazilian currency…

I think he is using R$ to reffer RS (Indian currency).

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So make it easy for the helpers:
Why don’t we get good quality screenshots that were posted right here, but have to see them on Google Drive in bad qualitity?

See also here:

Ya, I am referring to Brazilian Currency :brazil:

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I know that My talking language was not right but I didn’t found it relevant. It’s good to give suggestions but everything has it’s own place.

Here is newly uploaded blocks image