Syncing offline user entered data to online data base

Is there a method to sync offline data with any of the online database? Users will enter a message in the text box of the app and when they press submit button the app will send the information to online database. In case if the network is not available can the app save it in the devise? and when network is back the application can send it to the database online.

Which database should I pick for this use? (MSQL, firebase or anything else? I have around 60 users who will enter at least 50 lines (3 words in each line) of information every week.

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I don’t know more about it but you can use firebase because it giver 10gb storage for free…


You can use a local storage to store data like TinyDB and store the data online when the user is connected to the internet. TinyDB doesn’t require internet to store data. Make sure you clear the tag when your data is stored online.

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Before saving data anywhere confirm that there is network connection available.
If true then online process
Else save it to tinydb.
On screen intialize check if Internet connection then check if there is any data on tinydb to upload via tag then process upload to online