System Info: See Device Status

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System Info: See Device Status

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System Info is a very simple yet powerful app through which you can get complete information about your mobile device. It includes information about device, system, battery, network, display, CPU etc.

What’s Inside:
:point_right: Device: Board, Brand, Country Code, Camera Support, Camera IDs, Device ID, Device Name, Hardware, Health, Host, Manufacturer, Model, Product, Radio Version, Serial, Time Zone.

:point_right: System: Android Version, Bootloader Version, Build Fingerprint, Build ID, Build Number, Build Time, Build Type, Build User, Country ISO, Kernel Version, Language Code, Multi Window Mode, SDK Version, Security Patch Date, Software Version, System Language, 64 Bit.

:point_right: Battery: Level, Health, Plugged, Status, Temperature, Voltage, Technology, Capacity, Current Now, Current Average, Charge Counter, Energy Counter, Battery Available, Is Charging.

:point_right: Network: BSSID, Frequency, IP Address, Link Speed, MAC Address, SSID, 5GHz, EPR, P2P, PNO, Scan Always Available, TDL, WiFi Enabled, Carrier Name, Number Of SIM Slot, Server Link.

:point_right: Display: Display Height, Display Weight, Display Version, Font Scale, Screen Wide Color Gamut, Screen Curved, HDR Capable, Night Mode Active, Display Technology, Rotation, Orientation, Bright Auto Mode, Refresh Rate, Navigation Bar Height.

:point_right: CPU: Bogo Mips, Clock Speed, CPU Temperature, Minimum Scaling Frequency, Minimum Frequency, Maximum Frequency, 64 Bit, Number of Cores, GPU Supported, Supported ABIs


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