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how to find out if the login and email that was entered by the user is already being used??
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just i put the other “text box” below the else?

you are using same blocks again… why

forgiveness before print the top was login and the bottom was email

then use same for another in else and in there else store data.

didn’t work out friend still keeps storing repeated value for the airtable


you are calling data wrong. where you have stored login which you are using is in list.

right way is…

don’t know why but didn’t give it either

now you are missing those blocks of checking and that blocks should be after ( set global email to get values … its a simple understandable thing. always try something at yourself, what will be the learning part if a person gives you whole blocks.

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already has two days i’m trying to do … I’m a beginner in blocks…

after got data why you didnt use that blocks ( is in list thing)

then you must learn a lot things, this is not a beginner level thing. always first learn (looks a like you came to make a specific app)

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that what i am saying, first get data store that to lists and then compare if is in list.

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thank you broo!

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Never had this idea of putting this variavel there, to make the ide compile everything . Excellent!

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You can also email & password login with airtable

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