System modification settings

not working without permission

New phone or old phone??? Sometime new phone won’t support. Let me check it in my oppo neo7

all phone…

No solution?

I made a one solution i.e if max brightness in not there app will notify to allow. If it is in max brightness app will continue to work. I shall show you the block wait… and it is working in all of my phone models but no permission i used

It is working in all apps. No problem with the phone. The main app is not working on it. I want to know the reason why this app does not work.

I mean this settings only working.


Maybe you have to add permission in manifest using atom Developer extension

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i didn’t understand , What is that?

check your permission

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already done


Try this @mihacker41

So this will check the brightness particular period of time and even if user reduces brightness automatically it will increase… And if increased automatically it will reduce it…

Hello @mihacker41 ,

You aren’t going to be able to enable your app to write the system settings without declaring the android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS permission in your app’s manifest, you can either decompile your app to add the permission as explained here, or ask the extension developer that your using his / her extension to declare the write settings permission in their extension…


Is it possible inside the kodular? Or aia edit cannot be done?

many many thanks ,

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No it’s not possible… Kodular doesn’t provide a way to edit the manifest from within the website, if any components needs to declare any element, it should be automatically added…

There is a possibility you could edit the extension’s info file before importing it, but the developer should declare the permission in his code instead :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure if it would work, because of the fact that the elements are wrapped in the <application> element level, while permissions should be declared in the <manifest> level, as said here.


its working,

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