Runtime error your app has not granted to permisson write setting

io.makeroid.username.appname was not granted this permission :android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS.
how i fix this ?
i am using an extention for brightness control

Open the app settings and allow the app to modify system settings.

my guess is, you are using my settings extension? Is that correct?
Do you get that error while using the companion app?
if yes, what about reading the documentation here App Inventor Extensions: Settings | Pura Vida Apps?


how can i show directly setting permisson page by activity statter ?

In the screens blocks, you can use the .Open App Settings block.

and where is it ? open app setting block ?


ok thank you for helping me now lets try … i hope it will be work


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yup i found that blok and also tested but its not showing that setting page where i can manage my permisson for write system setting

Show me the part of your blocks which includes the Settings block!


Companion or APK?

just give me 2 min i will show you what i want to say … why i cant reply ?

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Because, your TL 1 and I haven’t replied yet, or anyone else hasn’t…

how can i open this page by clicking one button my app

Yes I know what you’re talking about… But, does it take you to your app settings in your settings app on your phone?

yes but that block not usefull for me actuly most of the android user dont know how to give permisson to write settng to the app … in this condition our app is become dumb or waste … so i wan to know how i do that .

There is no other way.
Users must grant that manuel.

but some of the app work proparly even we did not grant the permisson menually how ?