System UI Isn't Responding Error ( App Got Rejected From Playstore )

Hello Developers !!

Please Help Me Out !!

I Just Updated My App on Playstore but it was rejected due to policy vilation
They have Send Me An Screenshot and said that **

System UI Isn’t Responding Error


But My App is working Accurate in My Mobile
And One thing More this App working Slow in some moblie don’t know why ?

Can Any One Help Me
What Should I do Now ??

Help Me

Here Is The Block Image why app got rejected

Show some screenshot of app, attach your apk and aia (optional) and post pics of your blocks

Here Is My Home Screen Image Block
also I have total 10 Screen

here is apk

Thanks In Advance

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And Also can You Say me why this app not work in some mobile it get hang or freezes the entire screen ??
I have SDK the api to 19 4.4.4 first One
In My Phone Its Working Good & Accurate

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Don’t load ads on-screen start after loading is complete then load the ads and you are creating a loop for the ads, is ur app approved for showing ads?

Yaa Its Approved

Do You Mean The Problem is In Ads when i load the ads on screen ??

If I use ads as you said then the issue will solved ?

Thanks In Advance

Please Help @Boban Here Please

Do not mention people to ask for help who haven’t replied to your topic.



yeah just test ur app without ads

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@Decoder_360 Did u test ???

You should use this method to divide layouts

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