Tab display with pager view


I have a screen named TEST containing 2 tabs (named 1 and 2) of the View pager component.

From another screen named TEST2, I would like to be able to display tab 1 or 2 of the TEST screen depending on my choice of my navigation buttons.

I tried doing:
On the TEST2 screen when I press the navigation button 2, the value 2 is stored in TNYDB1 and I use the component open a new screen with the name TEST screen.

On the TEST screen in the When Screen .initialize component I put the condition if the value obtained from TNYDB1 = 2 then put page 2

But it still only displays tab 1 and not 2!

Or do you think I’m making a mistake?
Thank you to everyone.

TEST_Screen1.ais (2.4 KB)

Try this, it uses start value but you can modify it to use tibyDB

view_pager.aia (4.6 KB)

Hello @dora_paz indeed it works.

I will adapt it to my project.

Thanks again.

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