Table View Extension Help

Hello Koders!
I am using an extension by @Ken, namely TableView extension.

Edited my Mod - only developer can direct upload an extension

Link from where I got it:

And I really liked this extension. @Ken Thanks for this wonderful extension.
But I am facing an issue with the extension.
Before telling that,
A picture:

In this picture you can see a table smaller and another greater in size. The size I want is that of the smaller table. The smaller table is made by loading html in custom web viewer. And the bigger table is made with table view extension.
I want the bigger table looks as small as the smaller table and its font is as small as that of the smaller table.
So, please help me regarding this issue.
Thank You!

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You can use component to pdf extension for this type.

In the TableView properties reduce the fontsize and the headerfontsize
Set your arrangement to 70% width

Adjust these properties to get the view you want. You will not be able to have split columns (e.g. two columns with one header)


can you resend the link that still active ? 'cause when i try to download it, its say page doesn’t exist… please…