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Hello Everyone!

I want to show my data coming from mysql database into a table therefore I am usi ng this extension but it is not giving data in right way

I used the tableview extension from @Ken

this is the result not the table


only extension developers are allowed to upload their extensions…
therefore I replaced the uploaded extension by a link to it…
thank you



how does that value look like, which will be returned in that event?
you might want to use a label to find it out


Check your Delimiters

What delimeters

Now I set blocks like this

The value returned is


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How to set column width or shrink the column…?

It is not possible to set the widths of individual columns, try the Shrink to Fit and Stretch to Fit options in the designer, along with sizing for your arrangement.


Can u help me, what should i use to view my data into table? The data is in the form of long sentences.
Thanks b4…

may be if you share your demo aia better blocks screenshot, it will helpful for other to help you

This is code block to view data into table.

This is the tableview. I want the table to be on full screen by setting the column width, or Shrink one or more column.
Thanks be4. I hope somebody can help me please…

can you share your tinydb sample entries…?

As I previously suggested, try the ShrinkToFit setting for the TableView

I’m trying to guess, maybe this is what you mean…

This is the block code.

If I check the ShrinkToFit in designer, the table like this.

Can you share your aia?

i’ve simple idea for u…

1st of all use 4 or 5(on ur desire) Verticall scroll arangemnts then use dynamic labels then get and put values in these labels…

activity2.aia (266.2 KB)
hope you can help me…