Taifun File - 'Delete' not working

Hello Community,
I am trying to check and delete a file from user’s device if it exists. For this, I am using the Taifun File Extension. What I am observing is, that the “Exists” is working perfectly but the “Delete” is not working.

I am getting the output on label: ‘EXISTS’ but when I check the file manager of my device, the file still exists in the directory and has not been deleted.

I am not getting any error. Am I missing something? Please help me to solve this problem.

@Taifun your help will be appreciated.

using the file compnent or my file extension you only can delete files your app owns, see also Some basics on Android storage system
for other files you have to use SAF

Thanks for replying,
I tried putting the content to the ASD, where the app should have access. But still, it’s not able to delete the file from there also.

How did you do that? Manually?
Please elaborate what you are trying to do

It doesn’t matter how the file got there. If the file is in the ASD, it can be deleted (either with the File component or the TaifunFile extension).

Your blocks are ok, although it is unnecessary to use a relative path if you use the TaifunFile extension. So use an absolute path.

By setting the Download.SaveFileAs

What I want is my app should check if the device has the file downloaded in that location. It confirms to me if the user had deleted and reinstalled the app.

Didn’t work

Show your complete blocks
it only makes sense to check, if the file is available there after it has been downloaded


It works, definitely.

I use this to download the file:

And it downloads correctly to the ASD (I checked from the file manager).
But for deleting:

This doesn’t delete that file. (checked the ‘MemeName’ variable is coming right)


To find out what’s going on you could use logcat

To check, if the Delete method is working, create a test project, copy a file from the assets to ASD, then try to dekete it

Let us know what you find out


Please let us know what you found out and what the issue was to help others with the same issue in future


It’s just ridiculous! It works regardless of how the file got there (at least on all Android versions ≥ 4.4 / API ≥ 19, KitKat).

It is completely unnecessary to use logcat in this case.

I made a mistake when storing the file after downloading. I was using the Download2.Download in a foreach loop. This was making a sort of bug in the variable Lists of the screen. I removed the Download block from that foreach loop and put it in a Procedure based system Like this and it works now.