Taifun File Extention [ Help Me ]

hello …

please help me …
i am traying to copy files from assets to internal storage with using taifun file extention, but this problem are coming. please give me solustion how can i fix it?

blocks (1)
blocks (2)

Please read this thread again. If you had you wouldn’t have come up with those blocks.

by the way, it is not ok to post your issue over and over till someone is willing to give you the complete blocks. Don’t be lazy, do your homework !

store the file in ASD or shared storage, see also



I can’t make the progress disappear when I find all the audios, I’ve tried as a timer and I can’t. Does anyone know how it should be done so that the progress doesn’t disappear when scanning the first device?

Length of filelist gives an int and you try to compare it with a string. Delete the if condition and just dismiss the dialog

the text “total files found” was entered only because I don’t know what to compare the total files found to. I don’t know where I can create a count to compare there.

Then you can just show the length of list in a label.

I have the total of files found but I don’t have an incremental count to count 1 by 1 until I get to the total found, the extension doesn’t give me that possibility to count.

Then just get rid of that idea and just show the total length of list in Label. I am sure it would be possible with some logic but I won’t do that because it takes some time to list all the files and when you implement additional count logic it would take longer

It’s not as simple as you think, I have almost 3,000 songs on my test phone, so I have to show the progress dialog so the app doesn’t crash. The point is to keep it “progress dialog” active until it has scanned all the audios.

Maybe read my posts again. So I am out here.

there is no progress count available
you can only display the progress dialog before starting and dismiss the dialog after all files have been found
i.e. just remove the if statement…