Taifun Files extension bug in ASP (ApplicationSpecificDirectory)

@Taifun File Extension bug, I want to save index.html file from txt in ASD(Application Specific Directory) but it’s not working without storage permission.

Any help will be appreciated THANKS!
Note : This was working when storage permission was allowed but I want my app clear with no Permissions, NO ADS, and User friendly.

It’s not a bug with the TaifunFile ext., but the File component requires WRITE permission (falsely). So use the EFile extension from @vknow360 .

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Few days before I was also having the same problem while storing in ASD.
However can you please provide link to EFile Extension.


It requires permission and in ASD no permission should be required PLEASE HELP!

Edit : I am sorry got the right one now, :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much @bodymindpower and @Dhruv_J for support and replies and also Thanks for the extension also, It worked for me.

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