Taifun Notification Listener Background Issue

Hello @Taifun and Koders,

I tried to use Notification Listner Extension that is working fine in Foreground and When app is open but when the app is fully closed than it is not working.

So, basically when notification is received I send it to the Firebase. That dose not work when app is fully closed.

Here are my blocks.

Is there any solution to it, if yes how can I achieve it?

Thanks In Advance!

Have you read his Q&A section?

This is wrong extension you sent. App Inventor Extensions: Notification Listener | Pura Vida Apps

It will work even after app closed. The data will be saved in TinyDb

But I want to send it to firebase, so how can I achieve it?

Are you available?

See the docunentation App Inventor Extensions: Notification Listener | Pura Vida Apps

The notification listener service runs in the background also if your app is closed. It will listen to all notifications and stores them in TinyDB (aka shared preferences) using the name space TaifunNotificationListener .

The Notification Received event fires only if the app is in the foreground.

You can try to use the background extension to read TinyDB regularly and send the data to Firebase



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