Taifun Text box is not getting created with dynamic components extension


First I wrote ‘TaifunTextbox’ but it not worked then i wrote ‘TaifunTextBox’ then also it gives same error.


you can use this block instead of using textbox image

yeah i am using TaifunTextbox already but not fixed, i want dynamically that’s why i am using it with dynamic components extension. may be @Taifun will come up with solution soon

Try creating a dynamic textbox first and then use call TaifunTextbox.StartTextChangedListener to get cal DynamicComponents.GetComponent id



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above error is occuring when TaifunTextbox is creating …not on adding listener or doing anything else

See here how I use it and it works with no errors


Thank you very much all of you who contributed and specially for @dora_paz. I was trying to do it with TaifunTextbox as shown on extensions page.

I’m not sure which extension were talking about, besides one from Taifun, but you have to add the package name of the extension and then the class name (or otherwise known as the extension name).

Put this as the component: “com.puravidaapps.TaifunTextbox”

And it should work.

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