Taifun Text box is not getting created with dynamic components extension


First I wrote ‘TaifunTextbox’ but it not worked then i wrote ‘TaifunTextBox’ then also it gives same error.


you can use this block instead of using textbox image

yeah i am using TaifunTextbox already but not fixed, i want dynamically that’s why i am using it with dynamic components extension. may be @Taifun will come up with solution soon

Try creating a dynamic textbox first and then use call TaifunTextbox.StartTextChangedListener to get cal DynamicComponents.GetComponent id



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above error is occuring when TaifunTextbox is creating …not on adding listener or doing anything else

See here how I use it and it works with no errors


Thank you very much all of you who contributed and specially for @dora_paz. I was trying to do it with TaifunTextbox as shown on extensions page.