TaifunFile: I can't find the path to in-app assets

Hello friends. With Taifunfile, I need to access the assets within the application. I can access it in test mode. but I can’t find which way when I compile apk. I just need to access the files in the entity with taifunfile when I create the apk. please help me?

for that you need taifun toolsextension, and use path to assets block

component_method (12)

Check this out App Inventor Extensions: Tools | Pura Vida Apps as @ImranTariq said.

By the way, this path Makeroid/assets wouldn’t be available if you install your app in another device. This path is created and used only by companion (except if you make it and you store files in it).

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for test it will not work, but for compiled apk its working, i am already using it in my apps,

Sorry, it doesn’t show images.

thank you. But the pictures did not show.

Note: this method will work only for the webviewer component. It does not make sense to use it for other components!


development path file:///mnt/sdcard/Makeroid/assets/

production path file:///android_asset/


this happens, because our friends at Kodular once decided, that it is a great idea to store the assets for the companion in directory /Makeroid/assets and not in /AppInventor/assets as all other distributions are doing it…

development path: /Makeroid/assets/
production path: //

see this similar example

PS: the PathToAssets method will work only for the webviewer component…


It worked with the web. But it only works in test mode. I can’t get an image when I compile. do you have a sample code?

I hope this works. How do I access the extension?

With the web pulled data. It only works in test mode. does not work when compiling.