Take 2 values of spreedsheet to another screen

Can you share you block?
I. In the add to the list , first value must be image then reaming you can design whatever you want .

yup sure, wait

Capture 2

Capture 5 Capture

Here is the mistake. Pls see my block, I have added Colin tree add element block but you have added list.

ohhh sorry let me try once again, thanks

there is a problem going on with kodular builder - The build server is currently busy. Please try again in a few minutes.

So its taking time to build and test the app

You can try in companion mode itself. Is that too giving problem ?

yes its hang on 20%, i use nox on pc

Don’t you have Firefox??? I am using it from the beginning. No issue found with that

Also in my sheet I tested with three row o ly so I added that number I. The max record. You can add it as per your length of the row

download companion mode on firefox ? i haven’t tried that will try it definitely thanks.

I am still facing the same error even replaced Colin tree add element block.

Right now just had 3 records

Let me give my ais

aia or apk ?

AIS.giving you the screen of my aia. Open your project, click on project, click on import screen (.ais) from the computer. So my screen will sit in your project

airtable_GSR_Screen1.ais (504 Bytes)

In the when Colin tree emlemt click block use any label to see the value

I will check it after reaching home

okay thanks you so much

AapKeSawal_Screen3 (1).ais (14.8 KB)

Is this what you are looking for?

i added this block only. We need to give time to load the data from airtable to app

If you are able to get the respective values you can just attach that value in start value and specify the screen name in this block
Then in another screen you can get the value using