Take 2 values of spreedsheet to another screen

I creating a youtube player, i want to take the video url and the description value to the second screen. I am able to get url value in my youtube video player on second screen. But can you please tell me how take the description value in the lable on second screen ?

Screen 1

Capture 3 Capture 4

Screen 2

I also tried DBtiny value but didn’t understand how to do it properly, please help teach me how can i create blocks to execute this task.

First of all you don’t call multiple rows at one time. Set blocks call.Titlesheet.Get Cell set row number and row name don’t use make a list only call each row at a time use switch system to call multiple rows using one spreadsheet.


But this guy is calling data from airtable and then send to second screen.

can you please post blocks for that, how to do that ? please if possible

Ok, wait some time.


thanks, will wait

okay let me try this

You have to change the list and index. This is just an example.

but how can you just point out in my given block please ?

In btn click set this blocks

In 2nd screen set this blocks on screen Initialize

okay will try, but this will transfer 2 values to another screen ? and u had the same index number, should i change it to 2? and sorry still not understand the complete block module. please help

yes change to 2

May i know the name of all the row you are using in airtable?

Multiple spreadsheet you are using it seems. In your case single spreadsheet component is enough…

Yes you can set your row number.

Title, Thumbnail, Description, URL and how to use single spreadsheet ?

you can adjust in your block itself. But instead of using

you have to use


and now if user click on the element you will get the element index number.
with that index number you can get the right url and description.


and in this block,
just add the first block from the below image to get url alone. If you want display the description use any label and in the label, set label text to use the second block

Try and tell me

Here is your complete blocks for screen1. For screen2 already shared. Try using this and let me know. If network slow sometime you will get an error like, select list item list error. avoid and retry




My airtable

App response for screen1

I followed the exact same block but got this error