How can I do this {Blocks}

How I edit its block
Image helps you understand easily

it’s upto you how you want to do this. & what you did yet?

no, I did not do this
I’m begginer so want help
how can i do this
Please answer

You can use blocks ‘open another screen with Start Value’ and then put the screen name and the Value which you want to send in the Next screen… And in the next screen where you want to show all the details which you have put un the start value. It will be better you make a Variable and then set the variable as ‘get start Value’… if you have 1 value… If you face any problem then I will provide you the blocks also just reply me…

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It will be better if you provide block.
Please send

Everyone here was once a beginner as you are now. Just try something from the ideas you get. Explore the platform, try to understand how the components work, how the logic can be implemented using blocks.
If you don’t try anything you always be a beginner. Just try and if there is any problem regarding your logic or its implementation, ask out here by showing your work.

You cannot expect a ready made aia for every purpose, right? And I also don’t understand the logic behind gaining a ready-made aia :man_shrugging:

Nothing is easy and free as you think. There are always efforts involved, if not yours, then of definitely others.


You need to try yourself instead of asking other people to do your work for you.

Read the documentation, try tutorials, search the forum, try things for yourself.

Everyone was a beginner at one time. You have to put in the time and effort to learn.


I follow your instruction, but when export my application and click category1 its not open

Multiple screen will slower your app. Use multiple arrangements . So you can bringr everything in screen1

Show us what have you tried

What error do you get?


I want to do Like that

I don’t understand what I edit blocks in other screen

Looks like you are new to this, Instead of taking this kind of big project start with simple apps/project.
You will learn from that :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t jump for 1st step to 4th step, learning is a process and has to be done step-by-step.


Its not a big project and implement only three screen.
If you Instruct me I will be learn and also do my project

This is not your complete solution but you can learn some part for your project

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Refer this post, you will get few more knowledge with airtable values into category wise

So with these two posts, if you work out you can achieve what you want.

Thank you so much :heart_eyes:
Now I cleared my doubt

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If it clears your doubt you can mark any one of my reply as solution.

Why not use the application cache tiny data base :star_struck:?
You can put all your content on one screen and import it into another screen, provided that the :grinning:tag​:grinning: ID is the same

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