Include images and call additional column when airtable data displayed

Hello devs.
Let me explain my problem beyond this title.
I already created one app in which i call data from Airtable. and it works fine.
I am using ListView with images and open that data in another screen, which displayed respected data in other screen.
But, here comes the limitation.
I only can show Image , title and subtitle from my ListView with images. i changed to show column " data " with replacing column " subtitle " and now it is showing data.
But, i want to implement admob ads or some graphics in between post. so want to seperate that data from specific point in that label. and show remaining data in other label ( in which i want to call data from column " data2 ".
But , i am unable to do that. here are my blocks.

in ListView Screen ( Calling data from Spreadsheet - which works fine ) :

in ListView Screen ( Sending data after click ):

in " data " Screen ( where i display data ) calling data from ListView with Images :

Here is what i want to do.

i know there is something little missing. but cant figure it out.

Any kind of help would be Appreciated.
Please help me.

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I can’t understand fully but i think it depends on your design that where you want to set lable above picture or below…

thank you for your reply @ImranTariq .

Here is what i mean .
this is my current UI .

where i call data like ,
Label1 - title , Image - image , label2- data.

and this is what i want to do,

Image 2 - another image call from column in spreadsheet ( but from same row ) , label3 - another data called from another column ( but from same row ).

you can use dynamic is you want, or use another image and text and use set label text and image text as you set it for label 1 and image 1

i didnt get what are you telling me to do @ImranTariq

will you please tell me in blocks.
it would complete my app

actually when i am calling data in display screen then for label 2 i have to call value4 ( which i set for data 5 ) and it shows me error of " cannot retrive data from calue 5 to the list of 3 items ) something like that.

well for same this will works,

it is repeating values like title and image and data @ImranTariq

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you have to send data from list selection, and you are sending 3 items in start value so how you will get any other? unless you send more data in start value like more items in index,4,5,6, so you can set them for next images or labels

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This is the Exact problem Pro Coder.
then how can i call other columns in listview with images spreadsheet. because i want to display data outside that list which cannot be shown in listview.

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you want to call all data in list, like blog?

something like that. but, not completely like that.
Because , it is very hard to put many things in HTML in Spreadsheet so i just wanted to put that image in separate column and call it when item is clicked.

i am unable to get this part

like what is that you are getting that image from list when you are clicking then what will be next? what will be separate column? do you want to load more images below that for same item, like one item having more images than one.

firstly, thank you so much for keeping in touch with me @ImranTariq .

This is my Spreadsheet -

Let me Explain you what i am doing and what i want.

My listview with Images contains following columns
For Image - image
title- title
Subtitle - subtitle

Besides this , getting only this things in screen 2 when user clicks on item is not enough.
So , in second Screen i want to show,

Label1- title
Image - image
Label2 - data
image2 - image2
Label3- data2

Currently i am only able to get column data by replacing subtitle in ListViewwithImages.After click.

and i am not able to call data2 and image2 columns in that screen.

ok, for that you need to use a method.

method : one screen one while opening screen2 also store index of selected item , so you can use that to get data with help of spreadsheet on screen 2(using get cell) like when screen2 opened set all things which you get from screen1 and also call get cell with help of index which you need to get from screen1. and if you dont get that then i need your aia to explain blocks. so send me that in private message.

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Would you like to show that what blocks you have made for this?

Here change Subtitle to data.
And now trying to change title with data and subtitle to data2. And using HTML in spredsheet going to repeat title.

in the block of make a list add one more item in which you will pass
"get position + 1"

and then it will open data1 screen

there you have to create variable
=>switcher and initialize to 1.
=>img2data initialize to nothing.
=>data2content initialize to nothing.

On screen initialization,

in above block add or on screen initialization
=>Use get cell from airtable in which column name will be data2 and index to “Select item from list in which first is get start valu and second index is 4”

=>when you got cell -> Check condition if switcher is 1 then store data2 value to data2content variable and set switcher to 2. and again call value but this time only coloumn name will change to image2.

=>now, in got cell block add 1more condition and store got value to img2data variable. after getting value you can use it to set picture wherever you want.

on first get cell you got value of data2 and on second get cell you got value of second image.
now use it to wherever you want.