Data not showing in CollinTreeListView after calling from Airtable

Hey there.

This is my Spreadsheet:

I tried these blocks to call data from my Airtable Spreadsheet:

blocks (5) blocks (4)

CollinTreeListView (which is meant to be Vertical Scroll Arrangement):


But the data does not show up in the App Screen:

Please help me fix this!


You’re not setting the data right.When you set colintree list view items it must be a list of lists. each list consists of three items image, title and subtitle.
EDIT: i think you can do that.But every item will be in a different element.

Also are you sure you’re getting data from airtable?

And what about initializing the list on screen initialization?

How do I make a list for getting all these contents in each item of the list?

You’re doing right.But please follow what i said in my previous posts

These are all the blocks used in the screen. It also has the list initialization on Screen Initialization.
Please have a look and help…

:one: check your intialize_scroll block.It have a missing argument.
:two: add intialize_Scroll on screen initialization.
:three: check if you’re getting data from airtable like displaying a text in a label, etc…
:four: check your airtable info, like base id,etc… and column names.Also check you don’t have empty cells.


I tried something else with simple ListView, but I am not getting any data in the listview!

P.S. I have made sure that I am getting the data from the spreadsheet by setting the data to labels when the columns are got, so that is not the issue.

I see that you don’t set the data when you get it?The only place i found you setting the data is on text changed event.

I set it to the List_View1 Elements by creating a variable for the list.

But you are not setting the elements.You only put it in a variable.

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can you help me?

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Add set listView1. elements to get date for example.At the last if then statement you have.And see what happens.